Am I allowed to scan and reproduce my images?

No, all images are are the exclusive property of VIP and are protected under the U.S. and International Copyright laws. A copyright release and digital copies of any image can be be purchased from VIP.

Do I have to be photographed by VIP to have my portrait published in the school yearbook?

All schools listed under the School Info section of the webpage have a contract with VIP. If you attend one of these schools, then you must be photographed by VIP in order to be in your yearbook. Photographs submitted from other studios will not be accepted or published in the yearbook.

What is the cost to be photographed for the yearbook and have my portrait published in the yearbook?

VIP provides this service for free. You will receive a traditional head and shoulder session including retouching of the image for free. You will need to select the image you would like to appear in the yearbook by the deadline listed in the School Info section. We will then submit to your school.

What if I forget to choose my yearbook photo by the deadline?

A representative from VIP will select the best photo from your session and submit it for the yearbook.

What are the costs for all of the sessions offered?

We offer four different sessions. There is no sitting fee for a traditional head and shoulder session. The traditional head and shoulder session with a cap and gown has a $15 sitting fee. The one outfit session is $25. The two outfit session is $35. All sessions include the yearbook traditional head and shoulder session. You can add a cap and gown to a full session for only $5.

How do I schedule my senior portrait session?

You may call us at 847.499.9300 or 800.577.9570. We also have sign-up days at your school. See School Info for more information.

What should I wear for my senior portrait session?

Simple clothing photographs best. Long sleeves are recommended. Bare arms distract from the close up portraits. Solid colors with simple lines and patterns work well. Short skirts and low cut tops are not appropriate for senior portraits. Sports jacket and tie are always great for guys. See our What Should I Wear section for more details.

Can I bring a friend to my portrait session?

Yes, they can always help you in the dressing room & with your hair. Have them come dressed to be photographed. There is no additional charge to have a photograph taken with your friend(s). Please phone our studio prior to your session so the photographer can schedule additional time for you.

Is there an additional charge for pets?

No, feel free to bring in your pets.

Will you remove blemishes and other imperfections from the images I select?

Yes, all images you select will have blemishes removed, softening under the eyes, stray hairs removed and glass glare corrected if it is not too extensive. This will be done at no charge to you.

Can you remove braces?

Yes. There is a $20 retouching fee for the removal of braces.

How long will the session take?

The traditional head and shoulder session for the yearbook will take 10 minutes. The one and two outfit sessions will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

How do I place my order?

There are several options for placing your order. You can place your order by appointment at our Wheeling Studio. You can mail in your order to our studio at 600 Northgate Parkway, Suite K, Wheeling, IL 60090. You may fax in your order to 847.499.9301, place your order online or you can place your order over the phone at 847.499.9300 or 800.577.9570.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It will take between 4 to 8 weeks to complete your order.

Is there a deadline for placing my order?

There is no deadline. Your portraits will be online for one year and kept on our server for 4 years after the year in which you were photographed.

What other types of photography services does the Wheeling studio offer?

In addition to senior portraits, our studio also photographs family portraits, business portraits, children’s portraits and pet portraits. We also have framing services available.